Specialised Services

Power Monitoring

Has your power bill been unusually high lately? Are you looking to upgrade your power systems or need to increase them? LEES electrical has you covered with our Power Monitoring Service.

Our professional electricians will assess and test your power systems, recording your power usage to produce a report. The reports our electricians produce will cover four main areas including: power consumption, energy audits, balancing of 3 phase switchboard, and identifying power fluctuations.

Measured quantities include:

– current,

– voltage,

– power factor,

– Maximum demand and

– Harmonic distortion

All of this can greatly help in identifying the root cause of over power consumption and any issues or malfunctions your power systems may have. They can also help to identify what needs to be upgraded or increased and then give you our professional advice and opinions on what you should include in your build budget.

Our professional electricians are fully qualified and work swiftly whilst still thoroughly assessing your power usage. LEES electrical has been operating in the Brisbane area for years and is the industry name you can trust to get great services at fantastic prices.

Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection

LEES electrical uses the latest Infrared thermal imaging technology to ensure that the latest procedures and methods are employed.

Infrared Thermography can detect potentially serious faults before they have a chance to develop. A survey of an electrical installation will reveal in seconds any abnormal component temperatures preceding equipment failure.

The Thermography report identifies the exact area of the fault so no time is wasted using elimination processes.

Cost savings are made if the procedure is used as part of a regular preventative maintenance program. Unexpected breakdowns in all types of plant can be prevented well in advance of their becoming apparent. Repairs and/or maintenance can then be scheduled as required.

Energy saving consulting


We arrive on time, every time, and work fast to ensure your set up is complete before you know it.

They have always done a great job and completed exactly what we require. They make an effort to respond to our call as quickly as possible, especially when it is something of an urgent nature. I am very comfortable to have Brad and his team in our school grounds and have no hesitation in recommending Lees Electrical for any electrical work.